Wrapid Results Body Wrap System

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You will be AMAZED as you transform and lose water weight and inches while detoxifying and rejuvenating your body with our product ,.. Wrapid Results 45 Minute Body Wrap System ! This  is a 45 Minute Body Wrap System that will AMAZE you ..

Simply place this body wrap solution on your entire body focusing on under arms (As your lymph nodes carry many toxins here)

Wait 45 minutes ( You may use any Saran Wrap )

Simply remove with any soap and water 

And measure your results ! It is that SIMPLE .. Measure your results !

Fit into those jeans again, Remove water weight and detoxify today ...

Please see our testimonial pictures . 8 Ounce jar of solution will provide you with  5 FULL body wraps .




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                              *  *Available Only In Bulk Orders of 200 jars or more ... 8 Oz or 9 Oz Available*  *

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